Excel and VBA problems solved!

You may have seen the UserName "rbrhodes" on Excel or VBA forums, well that's me. Below are a few reviews of my work:

Wow you are amazing! You totally went beyond what I asked and I really appreciate that. You are the man!

Hi rbrhodes. First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at my problem and offering me such a fantastic solution!!! You've REALLY saved my neck!! Thank you again!

Thank you ... I feel SO embarrassed that I sat for hours and could not see that. You're a genius! Thank you for all your help.

The simpler For-Next loops that I write take forever - well, at least 10 minutes (for 30,000 rows), which is not very helpful. Can anybody recommend a macro that will get this done in a more reasonable time? Answer:...this Sub (rbrhodes's) clears 30,000 rows in an average 4 seconds.

Yeah rbrhodes' code is exactly what I wanted thanx so much

Thanks a lot for the explanation. You have gone a step ahead by making me understand what the problem is. Thanks a lot for the time and patience.

Thank you rbrhodes for your help and the detailed explanation that makes it easier for me to understand and to learn. I made the adjustment and it worked perfectly.

rbrhodes: Thank you. This does exactly as required.

rbrhodes, thanks for that, works like a charm thanks for the time invested. Much appreciated!

Thank you rbrhodes for explaining the VB script for me line by line - I see I have a lot of learning to do. Thanks once again for your help it was greatly appreciated.

rbrhodes' solution is working perfectly.

rbrhodes, Wow! That's much more than I was expecting, but it certainly does provide an elegant solution to the problem. I need to do some minor editing to have it take the columns I want, but otherwise it is perfect! I am in your debt.

Anyway wow I'm truly impressed!! I haven't had much time yet to thoroughly verify the results against the original pdfs, but your cleaning up and formatting are superb!

That works GREAT! My eyes are crossed now after studying your formulas! My hat's off to you. I have learned a lot by reading through your work one step at a time - I had no idea you could combine IF statements like that. Thank you. I think I understand everything that you did - it makes sense. The one thing that I cannot understand... cont'd Thanks for the explanation! I get it now. These are very well thought out formula with some cool tricks in there that I would have never have thought of. The sheet works beautifully. Thanks again for all of the help!

Hi to all. thanks to all of you for your suggestions, my problem is solved now due to code given by rbrhodes. Thanks rbrhodes, once again.

Thanks rbrhodes, you're the man! Cheers

Thanks rbrhodes, that is working great. Thanks again for your help and patience on this, Cheers.

rbrhodes, Thank you, thank you, thank you...... You are awesome... Thanks again for taking the time to do this...... I really appreciate it....Thanks a million rbrhodes......


Wow man, that is fantastic! RBRHODES, you da man! if you're ever in Toronto, I'll buy you a beer

Thank you so much for your thoroughness and willingness to assist.

I studied a bit more about the code that rbrhodes posted (very informative by the way. ThanX rbrhodes)

Hey rbrhodes, Your code works great! Just had to paste it in. Thanks!

To see more go to:


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or do a web search for "rbhodes" and follow those links.

Cheers, dr